Sculpture Gym!

About Philadelphia Sculpture Gym:

A space for sculptors and craftspeople to make their work safely and affordably, while also building a strong community of artists versed in different processes and talents… a network of artists that are able to support, inspire and learn from one another. We also hope that the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym will allow artists to create work that would have otherwise been impossible, had they not had access to our facility. This access will allow artists to think and create bigger than they had previously been able to (Yay!)

Adorably Hilarious Kickstarter Video:

My Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Story:

Darla Jackson and Justin Grant are amazing, caring, and generally awesome people, artists and community advocates; their energy for teaching, belief in the goodness of others, and seemingly unfailing enthusiasm for everything they do are only a few of the reasons why I am totally stoked about Philadelphia Sculpture Gym.

Darla is known for her work with animal sculpture big and small as well as elaborate installation pieces, she also teaches classes at Fleisher Art Memorial. Justin’s work involves figurative and relief sculptures, which combines human forms with mechanical and architectural elements, as mentioned in the Kickstarter video, they “also make babies, but not for other people.” Olivia Rae is one of many successful collaborative projects of this dynamic duo.

I am so glad that I stalked Darla into applying for the Knight Arts Challenge grant, it seriously couldn’t have happened to better people. I’m excited to watch this project take shape, and look forward to its impact on the arts & culture community of Philadelphia.

You can see Darla & Justin’s work, as well as hear them talk about their upcoming plans at Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
October 15-16, 2011, 12-6pm
1513 N. Hancock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
[Google Map]

Friend, follow, donate, get involved and learn more:
Kickstarter Campaign: Philadelphia Sculpture Gym

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