IgnitePhilly9 2/16/12

With a good mix of civics, arts, culture and sustainability, (and of course, beer) it goes without saying that I’m excited for the upcoming IgnitePhilly at Johnny Brenda’s. I’m stoked both for all the familiar faces on the roster, as well as for people & projects I’m less familiar with but looking forward to learning more about!

My good friend Emaleigh Doley will be talking about the amazing work she does with her sister, Ainé Doley, about what one neighborhood can do to change its fate on W. Rockland Street in Philadelphia. Yasmine Mustafa, organizer of the local chapter of GirlDevilopIt, a series of classes on web design and development that caters to people of a feminine persuasion by creating a safe and open space for learning how to make the internet happen, will be representing as well.

I’ve been happily composting with Bennett Compost for several months now, and I’m excited that more people will be hearing about this amazingly easy door to door service for sustainability & general do-goodery. And if you’ve been following along, I’m super jazzed about the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, which just recently announced it’s exciting new location. Darla & Justin are sweethearts, whom I absolutely adore and I know that the crowd will too!

I’ve long been a fan of the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, and I’m excited about what Sarah Clark Stuart will be talking about. And ever since her talk at at TEDxPhilly, I’ve been excited about Diana Lind’s ideas for dismantling I-95 (an idea also championed by ignitephilly organizer Geoff Dimasi) in favor of extending the city limits “river to river” and taking back our city’s waterfront.

Here’s the exciting official line up for IgnitePhilly 9!

Part of a larger, worldwide network that entertains and educates people in short 5 minute bursts; this local group highlights great ideas coming to life in Philadelphia. These talks are a ’spark’ if you will, they are lightning fast and leave people with a new idea to mull over and talk about.

Tim Bennett of Bennett Composting
AJ Beyer Game Developer
Ali Blum of Kelly Writers House at UPenn
Sarah Clark Stuart of Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
Keya Dannenbaum of ElectNext
Emaleigh and Aine Doley of W. Rockland Street
Doogie Horner stand-up comedian
Darla Jackson & Justin Grant of the Sculpture Gym

Simon Kim of Immersive Kinematics at UPenn
Diana Lind Urbanist & Writer
Dave Martorana Developer & all around awesome dude
Varissa McMickens of Arts Rising
Jessica Moore of Philadelphia Cow Share
Yasmine Mustafa GirlDevlopItPhilly Organizer
Pam Selle Webivore
Andrew Simonet of Headlong Theater

Got a ticket to Ignite Philly 9 you can't use? Let @ know, they'll help you match it up with someone who would love to go!
Kara LaFleur

Stay Connected with IgnitePhilly!

Web: ignitephilly.org
Facebook: facebook.com/group
Twitter: @ignitephilly

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